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A short testimonial from Sue, a Therapist 

Tarot Reading - Long term client

I've been having a few readings during the last year until now and all I can say is that I truly trust in Mathew's work. Everything matches just like a puzzle piece! From my professional to my love life.


The accuracy is on point, even things that have been read to a long term matter has fallen into place.


Whenever I feel unsure about something or in need of guidance I know where my trust and confidentiality rest assure.


Mathew is very flexible and kind!

I love our meetings.


Distant Healing:

I wanted to get back to you after a week.

First, I would like to thank you. It is a tremendous change.


Especially my stomach pain and breast issue have all gone. Also, the hip pain.


Tarot Reading - Long term client

Matt has been a great source of comfort giving myself and my family direction when we felt there was none. 


He always takes time to listen and understand the issues and is passionate about his work.  He has great knowledge, which is powerful, 


he has been in tune with myself and my son on every visit.  He connects on a frequency or level that instills trust and faith from us to him.  We were helpless when we visited him...


he was spot on when reading our cards and with messages received by him so he was able to lead us on the right path. 


I will continue to see Matt as and when I feel the need.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  He checks in which is much appreciated.

Thank you, Matt, until our next meeting God Bless 


I’m feeling so much lighter now. Definitely more self assured and connected, happy and excited for what the future holds for me.


It feels like some weight had been lifted of my shoulders. I have been feeling a lot of love. 

Also my back pain was gone right after the session. I couldn’t believe it!

I have been doing a little bit of meditation every day since I saw you and will try to stick to it.


I’m so grateful for your help! Thank you again.

I would definitely recommend people to see you.




Tarot Reading:

I have known Matt for about 15 years. We met via a mutual friend and since then he has been my go-to person for my tarot readings.


I have always held an interest in tarot and psychic phenomenon but with a healthy dose of skepticism. My motive for having readings is to gain clarity on various life situations.


The nicest thing about having readings with Matt is that it is as if you are having a conversation with a friend. I have absolutely no hesitation with my recommendation of Matt.


Tarot Reading:

Wow, amazing Matt on what you picked up on, I was at a turning point in my life and you shone the light and helped me to see a new direction. Your books are amazing btw..


Email Tarot Reading:


I meant to thank you for this reading before now. I can relate to quite a bit of this reading and will look out for those mentioned which I do not yet understand


Kind regards 



Email Tarot reading:


Hi, thank you for my reading. You were spot on with a few of the things you said. Very good.


Reiki Healing:


Thanks Matt, The pain in my neck has gone and I had been unable to sleep for days. Still amazing at how you did it.


Party Event


Thank you for the wonderful spot on reading from


Tarot Reading:


Matt has been reading for me for over ten years.


He is a very 'down to earth' guy and this comes across in his readings. I found his readings to be informative and in some cases extremely accurate. I remember one time when he said he could see a situation that was financial.


I reassured him that everything in that area was good. A couple of days later I checked my bank account and found over £3000 had been taken out without my permission.


I was speechless! I have found during past readings that what he has said to me hasn't made sense at that time.


However, when I have gone home and thought about it over the next few weeks it has become clearer and the pieces have fallen into place. I would definitely recommend a reading by him.


I always feel happier with clarity to my questions. I also feel that I can accomplish things I would like to do and be the person I would like to be.


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