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Intuitive coach

As an intuitive life coach, I would work with you to help you to change your life and to live your dream by way of intuition and using a person-centered approach. I can help make your dream income become achievable, or guide you into that career that you have been focusing on for so long. I can coach you in order to help you overcome mental blockages that can prevent you from living life to the fullest.

We will work on things such as setting goals, reviewing habits, improving social skills and really understanding what it is to have an ideal work-life home life balance. My method as an intuitive coach is to work with energies and natural elements. As a consultant, I have exceptional skills to help you find the financial, emotional and spiritual balance.

As an Intuitive coach, I will stand with you to help you confront issues that have been a barrier to you moving forward and that has been preventing you from dealing with these issues. This can be uncomfortable, yet rewarding, but I guarantee, you will not be alone. I will help you find both your strengths and weaknesses. This will be the first step and with my approach, we can face any issues together.

I am an energy healer and by using the energies that are around you I can tap into that hidden person that may have been hidden since childhood. The freedom after letting go is rewarding.

Using the law of attraction I can help you to become great at manifesting. The universe works according to mood and your intention. This is key to the success of goal setting and achieving the plans you have made.

As an Intuitive life coach it’s my job to point out things that you as my client would not see. It’s my job and passion to assist with healing, wholeness, and well-being in every part of your life. If the light coming from you is dim, it’s my job to make that light start shining.

When trauma is a factor or there have been childhood issues, these wounds can be deep and they may be invisible to the client or those around them. I am a qualified counselor, therefore I am able to help, support and guide you towards understanding and dealing with your past.

Supporting Mental health clients

This subject is important to me I worked in mental health for a number of years supporting people in the community to help find employment. I spent a year helping people who have mental health in a mental health hospital to find employment.


This was important to me as I learned that people who are suffering from psychosis can still function and be a valued part of the community, if not one of the pillars within the community and therefore this has inspired me to bring Karnak holistic’s into that arena.


I did spend some time working as an employment specialist helping people within the BME community to find employment as a large part of the community is known to face the risks of suicide when they are in their late 30s and early 50s.


The power of employment I have seen shifts someone who has been in their negative position in life to move into a positive reactively and forth commonly and review to improve their mind body and spirit.


When I will work with people that have not to be able to talk about their problems and challenges, often people, especially men or people from the BME community are afraid to talk or not use talking about emotions.


It would be down to me to help these people find a solution to their problems it might be that they just need to know that there are people that there for them. I would help them look at the worst or more hardest time within their life and then work with them to really understand the reasons the people came about and learn to manage the situation.


We would like at exercise as a form of letting go as it’s so important to look after yourself, it's known the exercise does reduce stress. Depression and anxiety. Also breathing techniques is another way of managing these stress they might be under.

  • Create clarity: and help you find direction 

  • Give a deeper understanding: To help you understand your present, past and future situation 

  • Heal and release any emotional, physical, spiritual blockages that are in your way

  • Help empower you to and find and realize this dips that you might be going through 

  • Reveal the reason for your experience and experiences 

  • Bring to realize your dreams for the future and help with the Goal setting

  • Support you to stay in the moment when everything else is going at high speed

  • Expand your beliefs.

  • Helping you to come to terms with other people's expectations of you.

  • Help you reconnect the true you

  • Support you when you open up


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