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Usui Tibetian Lineages -Reiki
Grand master usui.jpg
This is the line of Reiki Masters from which I have descended
Dr. Usui
Dr. Hayashi
Mrs Takata
Iris Ishikura
Arthur Robertson
Dianna McCumber
Marlene Schilke
William Rand
Tina Allison
Sharon Carrington
Isis England (Formally Pippa Bowles)
Matt Lubien-Vidal

The Reiki technique is a form of healing that dates back many centuries and is said to have descended from Buddhist monks and it is said that Jesus and Buddha have learned Reiki.

Reiki is used via a Reiki practitioner who uses the living energy force and channels the energy into the patient by either placing their hands above the body or through touch.

Reiki means in Japanese “Universal life force”. The word is broken up into two sections, “Rei” which means Gods wisdom or knowledge, “Ki” means life force. This life force binds together mankind, earth, and the universe. 

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