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My name is Matt Lubien-Vidal, I am an Intuitive Coach and for the last 25 year's I have experience as a Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot reader, Counsellor, Master Reiki Practitioner and Author.

My clients come from various backgrounds and differences in age, nationality and profession. I work closely with spirit and many of my advisors (guides) are ascended, masters. The energy that drives through me as I am in contact with spirit is second to none.

I work a lot with tarot and vibrations. My extrasensory perception (ESP) has developed over the years and I use all of my six senses to help me balance my spiritual life and earth life to give a productive reading. With this, I have developed my art to become so finely tuned, that I designed and printed my own tarot cards which help to keep me focused on spirit whilst reading the cards.


I’ve worked as a platform medium around London and Greater London. I have also hosted a number of spiritual circles developing many people over the years of differing ages.


My approach is person-centred around the individual and heartfelt using a strong foundation of the Law of Attraction, which helps me to deliver meaningful readings.

I have worked with Therapeutic Counselling for the last 5 years in areas such as Stress, Depression, Mental Health and employment. I have also worked closely within the social media industry promoting charities.

I have also worked closely with government agencies to help promote and research Mental Health within the workplace. So supporting and mentoring youth offenders through mental health, stress, depression and anxiety. In order the can regain work and return to the local community without feeling disconnected.

Developed social awareness on a director level of the effects of staff’s displacement, emotional and social needs. Creating and chairing charity partnership to help understand the social change within the community and the impact this will have on the working life. Learning and understanding performance on a professional and social level.

I am also trained within Counselling, Coaching, NLP (Neruo-Linguistic Programming), Energy & Emotional Transformation also living with Chronic Illnesses. Public health and the effects also Dignity & Safeguarding.

I am honest, caring and fully understanding that although life can be tough at times, we all just need a guiding hand to point us in the right direction or illuminate the way showing which is the right path for us to take.

Bright Blessings from the eternal light,


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