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Can spiritual people be earth rich?

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

I have come across this subject many times in the past and feel that I need to address this through my site. I really believe that as money is just an energy then this is possible.

The only problem I predict is the influence of the other people that might walk with you when you obtain this new level of financial wealth. It is in fact a challenge. I know many people who are spiritual and have gained money through various ways.

I don't feel that you should limit yourself to how much you can potentially earn, as I don't feel the creator created us to be limited, but limitless.

I also know many people who have gone on to share their growth of success and ended up helping people that struggle to climb the ladder.

I have worked with people that are stuck with their spiritual growth and need that help to find their way, in which i have been hired to support them with their development.

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